Services we provide

Academic Events

High-Quality Production

With ongoing relationships with several St. Louis area Education centers, Angel Audio Productions understands how to work with administration, faculty, and students. We have the experience to accommodate the special needs of the academic environment while providing you a high-quality production via qualified Audio Technicians and Engineers.

School-sponsored events we have produced include:

  • Convocations / graduations
  • Student activity events
  • Movie nights
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Admission events
  • Athletic events
  • Fundraisers
  • Alumni gatherings
Angel Audio Productions’ over 25 years of event production experience in the academic arena will provide administration, faculty and students with the confidence that your event will be successful.


High-Quality Production

For more than 25 years, Angel Audio Productions has provided high-quality concert production to a variety of local and national acts.

From the beginning Angel Audio has provided quality Audio engineering services to many local venues and as backup technical help to Audio Visual Support companies and continue to provide our full-service concert experience in a variety of venues, including:

  • Street festivals
  • Concert Halls
  • College campuses
  • Private venues
  • Conferences
  • City parks

Religious Events

High-Quality Production

No matter where it is hosted, Angel Audio Productions will provide churches and religious organizations with talented and qualified technicians trained for the operation of the state-of-the-art equipment needed to ensure their message is effectively delivered.

We provide Live Audio Engineering, Audio Recording, Video Presentations, Video reproduction, Video Recording, and Daily Audio visual support services for a range of religious functions, including:

  • Major off-campus events
  • Concerts
  • Speakers and seminars
  • Seasonal events
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Festivals
  • Day-to-day AV support
With more than 25 years of production experience, Angel Audio Productions will ensure your message is delivered and your worship team is understood by providing qualified technicians, trained to operate your high tech audio equipment.​